Getting Started

Minerva UI is a reusable component library to help build UIs faster. This library aims to be highly composable, easy to use and accessible.


yarn add minerva-ui
npm install --save minerva-ui


First add the <ThemeProvider /> and <GlobalStyles /> to the root of your app:


<GlobalStyles /> is optional but highly recommended. It includes the CSS reset and base styles from Tailwind CSS.

import { ThemeProvider, GlobalStyles } from 'minerva-ui';
const App = () => (
{/* optional but recommended */}
<GlobalStyles />

Then import components you want to use

import { Checkbox } from 'minerva-ui'

And use them:


Learn More


Local Development

  1. Clone Repo
  2. Run yarn install
  3. Run yarn lerna bootstrap to link dependencies

If you want to run the documentation locally:

  1. Follow the steps above
  2. Run yarn start in the root directory
  3. Go to the docs directory and run yarn start


Ryan Florence "Reach UI" Guidelines - Great guidelines for making composable / declarative React APIs

Tailwind CSS - Utility-based CSS framework without pre-packaged styles

Chakra UI - Batteries-included React Component library